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Around 400 BC, according to Livy, important reforms were made. Pay was introduced for levies under arms, both infantry and cavalry (at 1/3 and one drachma per day respectively). Although modest, infantry pay was at least sufficient to cover food rations, clothing and miscellaneous equipment (other than weapons and armor), which until then had been borne by the soldier.

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This army follows the 3/I/59 Tullian Roman 578-400BC army and is followed by the  3/II/33 Polybian Roman 275-105BC army.

Army composition Edit

II/33 Polybian Roman 275-105BC Cv 4Bd 3Ax 4Ax Sp Ps
General 1
Equites 1
Hastati 2
Unassimilated italian allies 2 2
Principes 2
Triarii 2
Leves 2


I/36a Samnite, Umbrian, Hernician or Ligurian 1000-124BC

I/36d Armies of other Italian Hill Tribes 1000-124BC

I/55d Latin 399-338BC

I/55e Umbrian 650-290BC

I/57b Etruscan League 399-280BC

II/5g Italiot 448-280BC

II/8a Bruttian or Lucanian 420-203BC

II/8b Campanian 420-340BC

II/8c Apulian 420-206BC

II/11 Gallic 400-50BC

II/13 Samnite 355-272BC

II/27b Pyrrhic 280-272BC

II/28b Other Armenian 300BC- 244AD


II/13 Samnite 355-272BC

Camps and BUAsEdit

same as II/33 Polybian Roman 275-105BC ?

Painting tipsEdit

same as II/33 Polybian Roman 275-105BC ? In addition the unassimilated italian allies have to be painted according to their own design (see Early Roman Armies or Armies of the Carthaginian Wars for some visual references).


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The Making of the Roman Army: From Republic to Empire (Lawrence Keppie)

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Early Roman Armies - MEN-AT-ARMS 283 (Author: Nicholas Sekunda, Simon Northwood, Illustrator: Richard Hook)

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