History Edit

This army is subdivided in 3 army lists that follow each other chronologically :

II/30a Galatian 280-274 BC

II/30b Galatian 273-65 BC

II/30c Galatian 64-25 BC

Army composition Edit

II/30a Galatian 280-274 BC LCh 4Wb Cv Ps
General 1

Chariot 1 1

Naked warriors

Light chariot or skirmishers with javelin or bow 1

II/30b Galatian 273-65 BC LCh 4Bd 4Wb Cv SCh Ps
General 1 1

Armoured foot or chariots or naked warrior 1 1 1
Naked warriors
Scythed chariot or naked warriors or skirmishers with javelin or bow 1 1 1
Naked warriors or pisidian javelinmen

2 2

Enemies Edit

Allies Edit

Camps and BUAs Edit

Painting tips Edit

Miniatures Edit

  • 15mm :

Army packs :

Essex Miniatures : DBA 3.0 Army pack and blister figurines with photos.

Chariot Miniatures at Magister Militum : DBA 2.2 Army pack.

Other suppliers :

  • 28mm :

Armies gallery Edit

Resources Edit

  • From the DBA 3.0 rules :

  • Osprey Publishing :

  • Others :

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